Ultron was developed in-house based on patented technology for sending push notification to targeted mobile devices regardless their types. It is not utilizing normal Push notification and SMS channel.

Using Ultron, push notifications can be easily be configured to meet specific needs, e.g. flash on screen to draw user’s attention, trigger push notification when user at specific page inside the app, etc.

Ultron Add-Ons


Capture various device parameters plus users’ activities, and intelligently analyze those various forms of data in such a way that it can be used by business to engage their customers effectively or enhance their products or services.


Enables any businesses to authorize non-credit card or non-bank payments processing via Ultron secure flash notifications. Using UltraPay, mobile subscribers can easily buy digital content, such as: games, music, apps, video, or software.


Gain revenue stream by delivering ads to mobile users. Use Zingmobile’s proprietary learning algorithm to filter and select ads so that each user’s segment will get precise and targeted promotions or campaigns.


Enables mobile app developers to easily embed two-factor authentication into their apps. Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect against remote attacks such as phishing, credential exploitation, and other attempts to take over user’s account. UltraAuth provides custom security policies and controls, letting mobile app developers both tailor the two-factor experience to meet their users’ needs, e.g. 6-digit authentication codes or multiple choice questions.


UltraVPN is Zingmobile’s unique patent-pending VPN + Ad Blocking technology for mobile devices. The technology enables users to auto-operate secure channels for communications and other mobile activities, while pro-actively learning in real-time, through intelligent machine-based algorithms, the mix of advertisement types and formats that users would be interested to view or digest.


UltraTrust is Zingmobile’s Trusted Service Management (TSM) platform for OTA SIM card applications management, allowing mobile operators to securely enable new SIM-based applications and technologies. It effectively leverages on both standard binary SMS and mobile data networks to securely deliver new capabilities to existing and new JAVA SIM cards to power mobile payment instruments, messaging communications, and other VAS activities for the mobile operators.