Founded in 2002, Zingmobile Group Ltd is the leading pioneer for creating and publishing Value-Added Services, Mobile Content, Social Media, Mobile Cloud and Apps for todays dynamic mobile market. Dedicated in providing first class Applications, Entertainment, Informative and relevant mobile Service to Telcos and Consumers alike; As well as creating Its own Services and Products, Zingmobile works with MNOs, Content/Application developers and suppliers to ensure that they are working with the latest technology in providing the most enhanced solutions to its customer and consumers alike. Zingmobile is a profitable and growing public company that develops and markets mobile content direct to consumers globally.


STRONG TEAM consists of 150 experienced personnel, most of them are engineers involved in product R&D.

SCALABE Tech Office in India for additional technical support and new features and product development.

GLOBAL NETWORK of over 45 mobile operators, across 22 countries, addressing more than 835 million subscribers.

CAPITALIZING STRONG GROWTH of smartphone usage (4G/5G) in the targeted emerging market around the world.

Our Team

Siew Kiet is the founder and CEO of ZINGMOBILE, and has been the driving force behind the Group’s business and growth since inception in 2002. With considerable international and regional experience, Siew Kiet heads the Group’s strategy and has overall responsibility for direction and growth. He graduated from New York University with a Bachelor degree in both Marketing and Finance in 1992.

Gordon is responsible for company mobile platform architecture, including product development, process management and technology implementation. Gordon has been active in the Company‘s regional business development and the expansion of a diverse product portfolio. Gordon earned a Bachelor of Computer and Information Degree at the University of Oregon USA.

Jeremy is responsible for assisting the CEO of ZINGMOBILE to understand the market penetration through visits and all-round surveys and analysis of all business development strategies in all countries. He also plans all business development activities of global markets where ZINGMOBILE has business in.

Dexter has over 10 years of experience in the Accounting and Finance area. Prior to joining ZINGMOBILE Group, Dexter had been working with one of the Big 4 accounting firms and Singaporean banks. He holds a Bachelor Degree in banking and ACCA.

Anurag led a 40-man research team on technology ranging from C/Java/ NodesJS/PHP/Python, Android, and iOS. Graduated from Birsa University in India. As a mobile technology specialist, Anurag’s skills are critical in providing a simple, secure, and trusted solution.