About Us

ZINGMOBILE is a leading mobile platform enabler in Asia Pacific. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in 9 countries, it supplies Mobile Enabler Software Platform and Content to Mobile Operator, Enterprise, Retail, and Consumer directly.

The company started in 2002 and has a team of 150 people with more than half work force in product development. Its key technologies include Messaging, Data Trans-coding, Data Visualization, Web, WAP, and Apps Store Management. These key technologies later developed into many mobile applications and platforms that meet the needs of Retail, Healthcare, Enterprise, Government, and Security sector.

Today, ZINGMOBILE solutions have empowered organizations across different industries around the globe. After successfully launched retail and enterprises business solutions last year, ZINGMOBILE is ready to introduce the patent-pending Flash Message technology that enables Telco to seamlessly reach-out customers regardless their mobile device platforms.

Company Overview

STRONG TEAM consists of 150 experienced personnel, more than half is engineer.

COMPREHENSIVE range of solutions, connecting various stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem for mutual growth.

GLOBAL NETWORK of over 45 mobile operators, across 22 countries, addressing more than 835 million subscribers.

SOLID MANAGEMENT TEAM with an average of 5 years of work experience within the company.

Company Milestones

Our Brand Value

Brand Promise

The ZingMobile platform delivers a truly engaging experience on mobile platform. The company’s technology solutions integrate ever growing mobile content, applications, social media, and social messaging platforms in a seamless manner onto one single mobile platform.

Brand Personality

ZingMobile is a people-friendly brand serving a people-centric industry. The business objective is to constantly engage the market and to accelerate growth through innovations. ZingMobile is a team player who knows the value of bringing all the stakeholders for mutual growth.

Brand Positioning

ZingMobile is an innovator constantly looking for mobile technology breakthroughs. The company aligns ideas, technologies, and people in an engagement that ultimately results in better mobile experiences.

Meet Our Team

We have a solid management team with an average of 5 years of work experience within the company.

Siew Kiet Teo

Chief Executive Officer

Siew Kiet is the founder and CEO of ZINGMOBILE, and has been the driving force behind the Group’s business and growth since inception in 2002. With considerable international and regional experience, Siew Kiet heads the Group’s strategy and has overall responsibility for direction and growth.

Our Technology